Saturday, November 23, 2013

Carlos W. Martins on the TV Program “Alem do Mais”

“Did you ever fail in any of your entrepreneurial efforts? And did that failure cause any fear” With that question, Sergio Waib, began the interview with Professor Carlos W. Martins on TV Gazeta’s program Alem do Mais. The program airs exclusive interviews with top executives of companies from various sectors of the economy.

The interview was carefully prepared with up-to-date detailed information, from exploring the life story of Professor Martins, to the Wizard language school, his participation in the economy, curiosities, challenges and prospects.

Carlos Martins talked about the importance of family and his religion - he is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He also explained how faith helped him succeed, aside from telling how he was able to endeavor and prosper.

The show is broadcast on TV Gazeta on Sundays. Watch this great interview below:

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Carlos Wizard meets Yao Ming

While visiting China, Professor Carlos W. Martins met Yao Ming, one of the tallest basketball players in the history of the NBA. The event took place in Beijing, where the American diplomat, Henry Kissinger and other Chinese dignitaries were also present.

"My meeting Yao Ming was a surprise. Besides being of such a tremendous stature, he seemed to have an even bigger heart. It was a pleasure to get to know him personally ", Professor Carlos affirmed.

Yao Ming, age 33, played in the NBA. 2.29 m tall, in 2008, he was considered to be one of the tallest NBA players in history, playing for the Houston Rockets. Due to problems stemming from repeated injuries, the center announced his retirement from basketball on July 20, 2011.

The announcement generated more than a million comments on the Chinese social network, Weibo. Upon learning of the announcement, David Stern made the comment that Yao had been a “bridge between Chinese and American fans" and a "wonderful mixture of talent, dedication, and humanitarian aspirations".

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"There is no magic formula for success", says Wizard

Owner of the largest network of language schools in Brazil studies Mandarin, has read more than 100 books, and uses an iPhone - but is already thinking about switching it.

São Paulo - When a publisher sought Carlos Wizard Martins to launch a biography about his life, the businessman declined. According to him, a biography is something that is written about people who are deceased or that die few months after the book is published. The solution was to launch the "Dreams Have No Limits" book with important facts about the trajectory of the English teacher who became owner of the largest language teaching company in the country, Multi Educational Group.
"In some pages, readers will laugh, while in others they will cry. Yet there are those in which they will laugh and cry at the same time," says Wizard - which in year 2000 he added to his surname the first of seven brands that are now under his command.
In an interview with, the entrepreneur spoke about his routine, revealed his five steps to success, and gave advice to the novice entrepreneur. Knowingly, Wizard guarantees: There is no easy money. Is there easy money?
Wizard: There is no magic formula for getting rich overnight. I believe that the path to success is the awareness that the main focus of any business must be customer satisfaction. This is how we work at Multi Group, whose mission is to serve our clients with promptness, excellence and joy. What languages ​​are important in professional life today?
Wizard: I consider Mandarin the second most important foreign language, after English. I have been studying the language for two years, and after this interview, I will attend one more lesson with Serena, my teacher. In addition, I recommend that Brazilians invest more time in Spanish. We think it is an easy language, due to similarities with the Portuguese; however, differences exist and it is important to know them. What is your routine today within the Group Multi?
Wizard: It's hard for me to have a single routine, but I have five main activities. Every month, I meet with the board of directors of the group, which is comprised of members of the investment fund Kinea and independent couselors. In addition, there is a weekly presidency meeting, with my two older sons and the CEO of Multi, Giovanni Giovannelli. I also try to participate in training sessions with franchisees and team members and I have scoured more than 15 states in Brazil lecturing. Abroad I have given lectures in Costa Rica, Mexico, U.S. and China. Finally, I have frequent contact with the media, presenting our projects, goals and objectives to TVs, radios, newspapers and magazines. And how is it managing multiple brands?
Wizard: I come from a family of seven siblings and today I manage seven distinct brands at Multi Group. The relationship is similar: attention must be equal, with balance and justice in the valuation of each. I always think that they are not just products, but people. For each franchisee, I believe I do not have a customer but a business partner - with whom I have obligations, duties. There must be a mutual loyalty. What person do you have as a mentor when conducting the company?
Wizard: I cannot identify a single person as guru or mentor, but I had a sequence of readings that helped me professionally. I read over 100 books on topics such as leadership, motivation and success. Today, I understand that they represent a luggage of knowledge, which helped me in my accomplishments. Sometimes I read an entire book to extract a single thought; Sometimes, I found it lousy and gave up in the first chapter. I call these books my personal library of success. And what values ​​do you attribute your success?
Wizard: Group Multi has grown both organically and through acquisitions. Expanding the business is part of our DNA. We always keep an eye on market opportunities. In some cases, it took us more than a year to close an acquisition. For me, success has a cycle of five steps. The first one is to develop a winning strategy, when you are able to envision the goal you plan to achieve. Then you must turn your strategy into a plan of action. The third step is implementation. It precedes the evaluation of the project, which is a preparation for course corrections. This last step influences the development of a new strategy, which continues the cycle. Apple is an example. I myself have an iPhone and I am beginning to wonder if I should continue being loyal to this brand. Some time ago, who could imagine Apple would be intimidated by a competitor? To insist on the wrong strategy was arrogance on their part. The competition bet on innovation and acquired more customers. In this sense, what moment in your business was the most difficult?
Wizard: I think the first five years were the most challenging for the business. Wizard began in 1987 during the Sarney government, which launched a new economic plan every six months. At that time, monthly inflation reached 70%, 80%. If you earned 50 reais today, tomorrow you would not be able to buy the same things with that amount. Then there was also the confiscation of all Brazilian bank accounts by federal government, when Collor became president. Suddenly, several companies accounts were zeroed out and went bankrupt. With the Real Plan, our economy began to breath and it became possible to plan and predict business situations. To what extent has your connection with the Mormon Church helped you overcome those challenges?
Wizard: I advocate that, regardless of denomination, people should have faith in God. People that nurture faith have more confidence, ability to concentrate and self-esteem. People without faith find it more difficult to overcome problems, maintain relationships and to have discipline and perseverance. Within the Mormon Church, we are encouraged to seek the highest level of education possible. There is even an international education fund for this purpose, which currently serves over 15,000 Brazilian students. What advice would you give to a novice entrepreneur today?
Wizard: Brazil, as many cultures, is a country poor in services. If the new entrepreneur focuses on providing a superior quality on products and services, this will make a big difference in winning over the demanding consumers, who tend to retain and strengthen the business.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The book "Awaken the Millionaire within You" is now in Chinese

"It was a pleasure to participate in the International Book Fair in Beijing and to align the details for the launch of the book ‘Awaken the Millionaire within You’ in China," said Professor Carlos W. Martins.

The book, which surpassed more than 100,000 copies sold in Brazil, has already been translated into Chinese and is in the process of negotiations for the launch in the first half of 2014. Wait for it!

Monday, August 26, 2013


Brazil is experiencing a time of prosperity. We can say many positive things about Brazilians, especially when it comes to business. I can guarantee that we are born with an entrepreneurial spirit. To get a clearer look at this scenario Let’s see it in numbers: every day, thirty new millionaires in Brazil come into existence, and if we keep adding it up, at the end of the month there will be nearly a thousand new millionaires.

If you are a person who dreams of growing up, becoming a successful businessman and opening your own successful business, remember, anyone can thrive in his/her career, simply consciously plan. When we truly believe, we are able to go very far and conquer many good things.

However, during my trajectory, I discovered that there is a formula that has helped many people achieve success. It consists of three basic elements: First, the individual must have the desire to achieve that dream. Second, it is not enough to just have a desire, it is also important to turn it into a life project, a commercial activity that has the potential to achieve large-scale distribution. And finally, you must follow the rules, principles and values ​​that make the current financial condition of a person into a condition of prosperity.

In my book "Awaken the Millionaire within you", I describe the seven keys to prosperity, which are universal. The basis for all this is to believe in yourself and in your capability of entrepreneurship. These are essential for those who want to achieve success in any area.

So, think about the idea of becoming a millionaire and follow the three steps to success, grow professionally, and above all, find out who you are. Entrepreneurship is a daily exercise in humility, learning, persistence, trials, errors, successes, and overcoming. Desire, persist and achieve! Open the door for the millionaire who is within you to come out. Good luck on the path of success!

Carlos W. Martins meets with Vice-President of Brasil

The president of Group Multi Holding, Carlos W. Martins, met on Tuesday afternoon, the 13th, with the Vice-President of the Republic, Michel Temer in his office in Brasilia (DF).

During the meeting, Martins presented to the Federal Government the Brazil Bilingual project, aimed at training youth in a second language. "The program has been successfully implemented in several Brazilian states, notably in the states of Pernambuco, Governor Eduardo Campos, and Espirito Santo, Governor Renato Casagarande" said Carlos Martins.

The Vice President said he was an encourager in the training of youth in other languages ​​and stressed that "whenever you travel overseas, you see the importance of speaking English fluently."

On this occasion, Michel Temer received a special invitation: to be the honored speaker at the National ABF Convention (Brazilian Franchising Association), to be held in October in Commandatuba. Professor Martins, one of the founders of the ABF, was accompanied by the association's president, Cristina Franco.

Temer took the opportunity to thank his friend, Carlos W. Martins, for the present he was given - the book, Dreams Have No Boundaries, authored by writer Ignacio de Loyola Brandão, which describes the professor’s trajectory of entrepreneurship.

At the end of the visit, the entrepreneur Michel Temer invited Martins to be part of a Brazilian trade mission to China in November. Finally, Martins thanked the Vice-President for the receptivity in Brasilia and also for his support of the presented projects.

Carlos W. Martins is mentioned in an article that talks about charisma and leadership

In addressing the topic "charisma as a leadership profile," journalist Anderson Silva from Canal RH, illustrated his article with the words of Professor Carlos W. Martins. Anderson also mentioned other great leaders like Pope Francisco, Sidney Oliveira (Ultrafarma), Steve Jobs, Silvio Santos and others.

Read the following passage in which Anderson talks about Carlos Martins:

"Of Greek origin, charisma means" gift of divine inspiration "; a person is born with it. In the corporate world, however, some believe that it is possible to develop this attribute by training. A great ally, in this case, is literature. Carlos Wizard Martins, president of Multi Group (network of language schools Wizard and SOS Computers) found in books a motivation to learn to lead with charisma. At a time he lived in the United States, he explains, a library of human relationship, techniques of leadership, and finances was formed. "They gave me the direction to become a leader and start as an entrepreneur."
Wizard is considered a charismatic leader and believes that without charisma it is hard to lead and inspire people. "A leader needs to be the main motivator of those who are under their management," he says. The led, he says, are highly influenced by the leaders and their attitudes reflect the leadership. "If you present a dispirited, downcast, or grumpy attitude, your subordinates will act the same way; if you have energy and enthusiasm, it will infect everyone," he says. "

Read the full article in portuguese at